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Use and sources of emissions

the sulfuric acid is by far the most widely used industrial chemicals. It is used in large volume in:

the fertilizer manufacturing, including the superphosphates and phosphates of ammonium
leaching of nonferrous minerals, especially copper
stripping in steel industry and clean surface in steel production
the manufacture of pigments including titanium dioxide
the production of hydrochloric acid and hydrofluoric acid
of the oil refining whether during processes of purification or alkylation
industry pulp and paper
the explosives industry
the production of detergents, as agent of sulfonation
the production of raw materials for the polymer industry, such as caprolactam and MMA
synthetic textiles industry, including rayon.

Other types of specialized industries use it in volume less important that:

the plating in the baths of electrolytes
electronics for the manufacture of components such as chips
the production of accumulators (batteries) to the lead, where he serves as electrolyte
the pharmaceutical industry and laboratories, where he serves as reagent and acidifying agent.

In the atmosphere, emissions of oxides of sulphur from the use of fossil fuels or volcanic eruptions, are converted into trioxide of sulfur forming sulfuric acid mist, one of the components of smog in the presence of moisture. In acute episodes of smog, the concentration of sulfuric acid mist could reach 50 µg/m3 in southern Ontario during the summer 1986, records of 240 µg/m3 in Los Angeles in the 1950s and 678 µg/m3 in London in 1962.

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