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silica sand, quartz powder, micro-silica powder,(c

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country : China

The comlpany is a major manufacturer of silica (quartz) products such as quartz stone, high purity silica sand, silica powder, micro-silica powder, crystal powder and fused silica lump and powder, quartz tube, etc. These products are widely used as materials for (optical) glass, optical fiber, electrical, electronic, semiconductor, epoxy molding compound (EMC), paint, coating, ceramic, chemical, building, foundry, precision casting, refractory and abrasives industries etc. The detailed specifications are as follows:
1. Quartz (Silica) Sand
high purity grade: SiO2:99.60%min-99.98%min ; Fe2O3 :1-35ppm Max.; size:2-200 mesh
refined grade: SiO2 :99.50%min-99.90% min ; Fe2O3 : 50-300ppm Max.; size:2-325 mesh
General grade:SiO2 :98.00%min-99.50% min ; Fe2O3 : 400 -1200ppm Max.; size:2-400 mesh
2. Quartz (Silica) Stone
special grade: SiO2: 99.96%min; Fe2O3: 40ppm Max.
1st grade: SiO2: 99.90%min; Fe2O3: 40ppm Max.
2nd grade: SiO2: 99.80%min; Fe2O3: 100ppm Max.
3rd grade: SiO2: 99.60%min; Fe2O3: 300ppm Max.
3. Fused Quartz (Silica)
1st grade: SiO2: 99.9% min; Fe2O3: 30ppm Max..
2nd grade: SiO2: 99.8% min; Fe2O3: 60ppm Max..
3rd grade: SiO2: 99.7% min; Fe2O3: 100ppm Max..
4.Fused Quartz (Silica) Powder
SiO2: 99.8-99.9% Max.; Fe2O3 : 3-180ppm Max.; size:4-600mesh.
5. Micro-silica Powder
(1) SiO2: 99.90%min; Fe2O3: 8ppm Max.; Al2O3 :50ppm Max; size:300 mesh
(2) SiO2:99.80%min; Fe2O3: 8ppm Max.;Al2O3 :50ppm Max;size:400 mesh
(3) SiO2:99.70%min; Fe2O3:9ppm Max.;Al2O3 :60ppm Max; size :600 mesh
SiO2: 99.90%min-99.99%min , size:2-300 mesh
7.QUARTZ TUBE: Clear fused quartz tubing, ozone-free or germicidal quartz tubing, uv-block quartz tubing.