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country : Pakistan

Sunday, October 17, 2004
• Iron Ore ( Fe 64.0% to 67.0%)-High Grade
• Origin: Brazil
• Quantity: FROM 100.000 M/T to 280.000 M/T per month
• Term of the Contract: ONE YEAR or more
• Load: FOB Port of Rio de Janeiro or Vitória
• Price per/mt: EUR 46,00 * - FOB - BRAZIL
* The Price offered here could change any time. Price guaranteed after the buyer issues the LOI and BCL.
Iron-Ore Chemical composition:

Fe-64,5% - SiO2-2,9-5% - SiO3-0,17% - CaO-1,7-2,1% - MgO-4% - S-0,013-0,015% - P-0,16% - CO2-1,202% - TiO2-0,228-0,282% - MnO-0,08-0,18 - Al2O3-2,4-2,9% - LO.I.-1,3-2% ;
• The beginning of shipment – October 2004
• PB of 2% will be offered by the Seller - Please send the LOI and BCL plus your ICPO/Contract draft incorporating the above terms & conditions for immediate processing by the Seller.
We deliver directly from the mining, a wide range of iron ore pellets and concentrates to our customers.
Competitive pressures and customer expectations are part of the driving force behind the quality of our services.
We are sure your company will get good business !
In case of acceptance, please, be kind to send the LOI
Sales Conditions & certifications:
afetr receiving the loi and bcl from buyer, issue tghe fco