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Carbon raiser

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PRICE : 557 - 600
Currency : usd

Graphite carbon riser features
1. High fixed carbon, high absorption rate, low sulfur and low nitrogen, and faster in absorption rate than similar graphitized carbon risers. It does not adsorb the furnace wall, completely absorbs no residue, and the price is lower than the similar graphitized carbon riser with sulfure below 0.05, the most cost-effective.
1,1 absorption rate is high, according to the method of use, the absorption rate can reach more than 90%.
1, 2 absorption speed is fast, faster than the similar graphitization carbon riser absorption, does not adsorb the furnace wall, and no residue, the advantage of carbon absorption and absorption speed in the furnace is more obvious.
1,3 sulfur is low, below 0.05%, the lowest is 0.02%. Low nitrogen content, below 100ppm
1, 4 super high cost performance, review the above-mentioned, optimal price advantage in the same graphitized carbon riser (sulfur ≤ 0.05).
2, 0
2, 1 Benefit impact: graphite carbon riser reduces costs and improves product quality.
2, 2 raw materials can increase the amount of scrap, reduce the amount of pig iron or do not use pig iron, effectively avoid the influence of the genetics of pig iron on castings.
2, 3 low sulfur, stable and reliable, effectively save the adverse effects of sulfur on the alloy during spheroidization and incubation, saving alloy costs.
2, 4 due to low melting point, fast absorption, no anti-slag, can effectively protect and extend the age of the furnace, reduce the consumption of furnace lining
2, 5 chemical composition purity: high carbon, low sulfur, micro nitrogen, less harmful impurities
2, 6 physical form: clean appearance, no impurities, porous structure, fast absorption, high absorption rate
2, 7 Microscopic shape: excellent crystal quality, effectively improve casting cast iron grade and performance
2, 8 The product is stable in nature: the carbon-increasing effect is stable, the absorption effect is good, the temperature-raising effect is obvious, and the slag is not returned.
Benefit impact:
1. It is widely used in precision casting industry, especially for the production of ball-milled cast iron and gray iron. It has stable quality, fast absorption and high absorption rate, and has unique breeding effect, which can minimize the production cost of enterprises. (Reducing the amount of carbon riser, energy consumption, inoculant dosage, spheroidizing agent dosage, furnace lining consumption, defect rate, furnace release period, slag inclusion risk).
2. Observation of the microstructure:
2, 1 Without the use of pearl stabilizers, the ferrite percentage of ball-milled cast iron can be greatly increased, which is 10%-15% higher than the average use of ordinary petroleum coke.
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